Market Plan

Why Do You Need A Market Plan?

A Market Plan allows a company to structure and divert resources effectively at a chosen set of goals. This will create a well-oiled and competitive company; who will be able to maximize manpower and resources. The Marketing Plan includes an overall strategic plan which can be broken down into individual tactics used to achieve the desired goal. The aim of this strategy is to increase the awareness of customer desires and align the company’s resources to suit the needs of the client. CTL can provide a Marketing Plan which can suit your marketing goals. Our dedicated group of professionals will analyze every aspect of the market to find solutions to any lingering issues.


    • Provides direction for future business ventures
    • Attracts investors
    • Provides insight on how to attract customers and gain customer loyalty
    • Identifies competitors
    • Analyzes your company’s competitive edge over the competition
    • Identifies new and unexplored markets
    • Analyzing daily cash generating operations

What the Marketing Plan involves:

    1. Executive Summary
    2. Challenges
    3. Situational Analysis
      – Company Analysis
      – Competitor Analysis
      – Customer Analysis
      – Product/Service Analysis
      – Logistical Analysis
    4. Market Segmentation
      – Consumer Segmentation (Geographic, Psychological, Demographic)
      – Business Segmentation  (Costumer type, Geographic)
    5. Alternative Marketing
    6. Selected Marketing
    7. Short and long-term projections
    8. Conclusive Analysis

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